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August 13, 2006


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» IMS Global Learning Consortium Concerned About Blackboard Patent from The NOSE: Information Technology in Higher Education
Accidental Pedagogy (Glenda Morgan) reports that the IMS Global Learning Consortium has arranged for a question and answer session with Blackboard's legal counsel on September 5th. In a letter to IMS Members Rob Abel (IMS CEO), writes: I have recently [Read More]


Roger Goodson

Thanks for the update info. re: the Blackboard. It strikes me that if Blackboard is focused on education that they are not only alienating the the ed. community, but simultaneously hurting themselves by not enlisting members of said community as allies in the creation of more effective LMSs. I would consider the current LMSs still in the infancy stage of development and in need of information from the field to develop better one's in the future. (On another note, I store URL pertaining to education research and practice in my weblog at if any are interested.)


Glenda Morgan

Roger. Thanks for the link. I think I landed up making the point you just made in my post last night. We do really contribute to making LMS's better. The big question is I think whether the higher ed community will stop doing this if things continue to become more and more commodified and monetized and locked up in rights talk.


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I have said since the acquisition, some of the things I will be watching to gauge how the purchase of WebCT and Blackboard is going and what it will mean to us in higher education are
i. Whether or not and how long folks like Chris Vento, Barbara Ross and Karen Gage stay at Blackboard. I have always thought highly of all of these (and others).


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