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July 08, 2008


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Cee Carmean

Hear! Hear!
Many of us have long been saying that citing vendors is NOT scholarship. Academic technology writing should still be academic, and based on research, critical thought, peer review.

There are brilliant scholars thinking deeply about the shift to a new age and a new 'generation' - driven by technology and global interactions - but the IT folk continue to claim 'truth' lies in what sales people tell them.

Thank you for standing up to the IT/Orlando mob.


Interestingly, now Prensky's paper on his site is now correct, which is good, now people can assess his evidence, but it is surprising it took this long to find it. Good thing there is the wayback machine*/,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf

It is not clear when the correction was made, only that it was after October 2007 as I could not reach the January 2008 snapshot. I would think rather than just making the correction in a personal site (and acknowledging the change) there should be errata linked to the original article.

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Internet has opened many ways of socialization.


On a side note Prensky's misuse of cites is clearly not that uncommon also among real academics.

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I think that it would be better if you define the term. because we have several options. first, it is to read the article and search for the meaning there, second you can put the link to wikipedia and we can read it there and third you can add it in the post.

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This site is good and I believe that people can now see the evidence.


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They have proven a lot of things. Serious on what they do.


digital nativism is under my critiues also! Should be critiqued here and there...

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I'm interested in whether you take the idea of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) seriously.

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