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July 13, 2009


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Twitter has me making notes at conferences again. The only problem I have with keeping up with the speaker while doing it is the 140 character limit. I miss things when I try to figure out how to make a post fit the limit.


I agree that twitter at conference for me is a way to take notes. And the more people tweeting the better my notes are!


TWO issues here: danah addressed searching for more info (keynote's papers, definitions, translations, Wikipedia, etc) more than the back channel conversations. So I think she made a strong case for dynamic searching for knowledge instead of letting the one channel roll over you. And there is a misunderstanding/digital divide for those who don't search/explore while listening.

But Twitter is tricky. As long as we don't yet have a social netiquette (or new etiquette is savaging keynote to show you're smarter as some of our colleagues now regularly do on conference back channels), and we use hashtags to talk behind keynotes back... community will be divided, no?

Glenda Morgan

I think thats a good point that danah is making two distinct arguments here - one about supporting listening by searching etc and another about Twitter backchannels. I keep trying to wrap my head around the back channel thing and understand more about the downsides of it I see the huge potential for snark and further dividing of the community but is there away around that given that the technology exists?

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